About Me

Yulia Mitchell is an authentic Bay Area real estate maven, self-motivated by her passion to make real estate dreams come true. Originally from Russia, Yulia has enjoyed traveling the world, but was taken by the magnetic pull of San Francisco in 2011. Together with her husband, they were attracted to the city’s diverse international community and career opportunities. The unique Bay Area market now allows her to leverage her international experiences and navigate the diverse cultures and districts of San Francisco with their clients.

With a master’s in Economics and an inherent entrepreneurial spirit, Yulia pursued her real estate license in 2012, and hasn’t turned back since. Stimulated by the innovative and self-disciplined culture of being a REALTOR, and with her unwavering upbeat tempo, she has built a solid foundation for her business built on integrity, diligence, and fierce negotiation skills.

In her first year with Zephyr, Yulia received the Rookie of the Year award, an achievement that resonated her belief that real estate is a lifestyle--one that she was good at, and enjoyed. Yulia’s love for working in one of the most dynamic markets in the nation fuels the energy behind her constant need to expand her knowledge and polish her skills, often learning from the extraordinary agents she works with each day. Her strong network doesn’t stop there--she is a member of the National, California and San Francisco Associations of Realtors, and she runs her own networking group that connects like-minded professionals across multiple industries.

When Yulia isn’t working with her varied clientele, spanning from experienced investors to first time home buyers across both the east and west coasts, she soaks in the ultimate foodie-centric city of San Francisco, fueling her own innovative cooking and continues to familiarize herself with all of the amazing things Northern California has to offer.

Yulia Mitchell

415.385.3712   [email protected]   Lic. #01918621